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What is This Place?

If you’re interested in learning about Western Canada, this is the place for you! Stories and Legends is filled with all sorts of Western Canadian tales, from the true documented adventures of frontiersmen, Indians, prospectors, and Mounties, to more mysterious folktales, legends, and ghost stories. In Places to Go, Things to Do, you’ll find articles on the various tourist attractions Western Canada has to offer, and in Canadian Culture, you’ll find articles on the colourful people whose contributions give Western Canada its heart and soul. If you’re looking for unique, authentic and affordable Western Canadian gifts, check out the Gift Shop. There, you’ll find hand-carved miniature totem poles, fiction and non-fiction books, and other such goodies, all created by yours truly. Please feel free to snoop around. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to email me at the address provided in the Contact page. Enjoy!

Who Am I?

I’m a Western Canadian writer, woodcarver, and fiddler who has a special place in his heart for Western Canadian history. commentpic

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Why ‘Hammerson Peters’?


Why Hammerson Peters?

Hummus and pitas.

Hummus and pitas.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; my name’s not actually Hammerson Peters. I use “Hammerson Peters” as a pseudonym on this site because my real name bears close resemblance to that of my first cousin once removed on my dad’s side, a notorious international criminal who now resides in a Peruvian prison (seriously). My real name- coupled with the fact that, without my beard, I look very much like the convict in question- has gotten me into some trouble in the past. But why choose “Hammerson Peters”? The story behind my pseudonym as actually pretty funny. A couple of years ago, back when I was in high school, I was hanging out with a couple of cousins on a Sunday afternoon. My mom called me up and asked me to pick up some hummus and pitas for supper (for those of you who have never had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with these divine delicacies, hummus is a delicious Middle Eastern paste, while pitas are flatbreads used to scoop the hummus up; see the picture above). I told as much to my cousins when they inquired as to the nature of the phone call. One of my cousins, having misunderstood the words “hummus and pitas”, asked, “Wait… did you just say ‘Hammerson Peters’? That’s the coolest name ever! Who the hell is this guy and why are you picking him up for supper?” When I decided to make this website, I knew I couldn’t use my own name for the aforementioned reason. I decided instead to adopt the name of this super cool mystery dude as a pseudonym.