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Legends of the Nahanni Valley

Legends of the Nahanni Valley


A non-fiction on some of Northern Canada’s greatest forgotten mysteries- the stories and legends surrounding the watershed of the South Nahanni River.

Available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com, in paperback and Kindle format.

To learn more about the legends which this book explores, please check out my article on MysteriesOfCanada.com.

Legends include:

  • The Tropical Valley
  • The Lost McLeod Mine
  • The Curse of the Nahanni Valley
  • The Evil Spirit
  • The Nahanni Indians
  • The White Queen
  • The Naha Tribe
  • The Mongol Caves
  • The Nakani
  • The Nuk-Luk
  • The Waheela
  • Prehistoric Monsters





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