Grigori- And Other Chilling Tales




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Grigori- And Other Chilling Tales, is a collection of four historical/ science fiction thriller novellas: Grigori; “Imago”; Lightning and Drums. 

Grigori A three-part tale of genetic engineering. 

On a mysterious order, a group of elite Cold War Soviet Intelligence operatives are sent deep into the Barents Sea, totally oblivious to the terror that lurks in the shadows of the ship’s decks. 

ImagoA night in the City of Darkness 

A group of bioterrorists showcase their wares in a guarded boardroom in Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong. However, after the arrival of two uninvited guests, it appears that the presentation is destined to end in disaster. 

LightningCan science go too far? 

In the wake of the Physics Revolution of the 20th Century, an Austrian polymath questions his Catholic faith after being faced with scientific evidence that fundamentally opposes it. In his search for the truth, he can’t help but recall various doctrines of his faith that condemns this kind of behavior. 

Drums A secret of the Caribbean 

Caught in the midst of the War of Spanish Succession, a crew of pirates returning from the Round are forced to take shelter on a secluded island in the equatorial Atlantic. There, they stumble upon the chilling truth of what befell one of Governor Francisco de Bobadilla’s finest crews, lost on July 11, 1502.


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